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An organization that helps sufferers of anxiety disorders


Conference Themes

To corporate partners, user groups, community groups and general public:

  • - Anxiety Disorders: Causes and Treatment
  • - Depression and Burnout
  • - Stress Management
  • - Happiness and Well-Being (Mental Health 101)
  • - Anger, Conflict and Harassment
  • - Mental Illness 101
  • - Overcoming Bad Habits 

Sample videos: 

Can I go back there? Understanding post-traumatic stress disorder.

How Blue Is Blue? Depression and burnout.

What goes on in the mind of anxious students?

To professionals and students:

  • - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: What is it?
      How does it work?
  • - Anxiety Management
  • - Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
  • - Understanding Depression
  • - Overview of Personality Disorders 

Additional topics can be discussed

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Dr. Zacchia


Dr. Zacchia delivering conference